Dynamic SMPP parameters via HTTP

While sending messages by using the HTTP SMS API (link) you can pass dynamically set SMPP parameter values by typing them into the URL Request. This guide gives information about how to send SMPP parameters dynamically with HTTP requests - note that this feature is only available in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 4.2.5 or above.

You can read about dynamic SMPP parameter settings here: Dynamic SMPP parameters

You can read about HTTP SMS API here: HTTP SMS API

The below method can be used for sending messages with dynamically set source_addr_ton, source_addr_npi, dest_addr_ton, dest_addr_npi, data_coding and esm_class SMPP parameter values by typing the name and value pairs into the URL request. Have a look at the example.

Example URL Request

By sending this request, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will create the appropriate SMPP message with SMPP parameter values set in the request parameters.

By sending the message, these dynamic parameters will be passed to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, and it will use them for the SMPP message's appropriate parameters. Note that you have to use decimal values in the request.

If you do not set a parameter dynamically Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will use the appropriate SMPP service connection's configured parameters (Figure 1).

smpp parameter settings
Figure 1 - SMPP parameter settings

If you have left it blank, default values will be used.

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