Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Connect your phone to the PC with Infrared (IR)

You can attach your phone to your PC to send and receive SMS messages through an Infrared connection. Most mobile phones have IR ports, and notebook computers are also equipped with it. An Infrared connection is a good option if you want to use Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway for short periods to send and receive messages.

IR ports cannot be used to establish long-lasting connections between the phone and the PC for two main reasons. There must be a line of sight between the two communicating parties, which is often broken if one of the devices is moved. The other problem is the way IR connectivity is implemented in GSM phones. Very often, phones switch off their IR port after a certain period (e.g. 10 minutes) automatically.

If you choose to use Infrared (IR), you must enable your infrared port on the phone. (Sometimes you have to turn it on in the PC as well). When this is done, you should place the phone within range of the IR receiver on the PC. When the PC and the phone begin to communicate over IR, you will see an icon on the right at the bottom of the screen (Figure 1).

infra red connections betwwen the cell phone and the pc
Figure 1 - IR connection between the cell phone and the PC

After this icon appears, a new "Virtual" serial port is registered in your PC. This serial port will have a standard name, e.g.: COM3. When you configure Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, you should select this newly created COM port.

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