How to send bulk messages using Excel client

This page demonstrates an example on how to send great numbers of SMS text messages from Excel easily and swiftly. In case of huge numbers of SMS messages you need to export messages into CSV file format before sending. In this way Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will send out your messages seamless. Please follow the configuration steps and check the screen shots and video tutorial to adopt this solution properly.

How to send bulk messsages using Excel (part 1/1, configure your system)

Configuration guide

In our example there is an Excel file that contains SMS text messages. For a better demonstration I placed this file on the Desktop (Figure 1).

the excel file when using excel client to send out more messages
Figure 1 - Excel file with SMS messages

On Figure 2 you can see that the file contains 10,000 SMS text messages to be sent out.

sending out 10,000 sms with excel sms client
Figure 2 - 10,000 SMS to be sent out

Now you can learn how to send out these messages with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway in CSV file format. First, select columns C, D, and E in the Excel file (Figure 3).

selecting colums when using excel sms client
Figure 3 - Select columns C, D, E

Now delete the selected columns in the file (Figure 4).

eleting the selected column in excel sms client
Figure 4 - Delete selected columns

Type =now() in C1 cell (Figure 5).

filling in thhe C1 cell
Figure 5 - Fill C1 cell

Now you need to select those cells of column C that contains messages to be sent out. You also need to select C1 cell. If it is done, click on "Fill" button in the toolbar and then click on "Down" (Figure 6).

select the filled cells of column C
Figure 6 - Select the filled cells of column C

Click on "Office" button and then select "Save as" option in the menu (Figure 7).

selecting the save as option tab
Figure 7 - Select Save as option

Select CSV file format in Save as type line (Figure 8).

selecting the csv file format in the sms gateway
Figure 8 - Select CSV file format

Now start Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Click on Add new user or application. Select File user interface and click on install next to it (Figure 9). In this way you can create a new user in the SMS gateway that will operates SMS sending in CSV file format.

create a new file user interface in ozeki excel sms client
Figure 9 - Create a File user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

On General tab select CSV as File format and click on OK (Figure 10).

setting the file format to csv in the excel sms client
Figure 10 - CSV as file format

Copy the saved CSV file (Figure 11).

copy the csv file
Figure 11 - Copy the saved CSV file

Finally the CSV file needs to be pasted into the smsout folder of the File user (Figure 12).

paste the csv file into the smsout folder
Figure 12 - Paste the CSV file into smsout folder

The File user of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sends the SMS text messages out seamless (Figure 13).

the ozeki excel sms client sends out the messages
Figure 13 - File user sends out the messages

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