SMS PIN code game

This guide shows you how to create an example SMS application and gives you the steps to create it. It uses Ozeki NG as the SMS gateway platform and an ASP script to process incoming SMS messages. You may use and modify this ASP script freely to accommodate your needs.


The application is PIN code game. The users of the game can send in PIN codes to find out treasure locations. If the PIN code matches an entry in the database, the appropriate treasure location is returned. A treasure location is only returned to the first person who sends in the correct PIN code, the other who are late will receive the "Treasure is already taken" message (Figure 1).

how the pin code game works
Figure 1 - Application layout

How to setup this solution

This application can be created in a matter of minutes. To get it working, you need to setup and configure a working SMS service provider connection in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

After you are able to send and receive SMS messages, you need to create a database that will hold the data for the game. Any kind of database can be used. In our example we use Microsoft SQL Express. (It can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft.)

The next step is to install an ASP User in Ozeki NG SMS gateway. This will allow you to execute an ASP script when an SMS comes in. The ASP script will hold the application logic, that will process the SMS message and will generate the response SMS messages


The source code of the ASP script should be saved into the following directory to get this solution working:

C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\config\ASPDemo\sample.aspx

The source script can be downloaded from the website: (2 KB)

How can I test this solution?

The system can be tested easily. You can send an SMS message to the phone number of the GSM modem that is attached to your computer. After the message is sent, you will receive a response SMS. Of course you will probably want to modify the ASP script, that does the processing according to your needs. If you modify the ASP script, you will find it useful during the development to see the raw script output. The script output that was generated when an SMS arrived to the gateway can be found at the following location: "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\config\ASPDemo\output.htm";

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