Bulk SMS to a given phone number range

Ozeki Bulk SMS Sender is capable of sending SMS messages to a given phone number range. Here you can read about Ozeki Bulk SMS Sender functionality and read a quick guide about how to use it.

You can download Ozeki Bulk SMS Sender here: Ozeki-bulk-sms-sender.zip

How to use Ozeki Bulk SMS Sender

It is assumed you have already downloaded and configured Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

After downloading and extracting the zip, double-click on ozeki_bulk_sms_sender.exe.

A window will pop up (Figure 1) where you can specify the following values:

Host: the IP address of the computer on which Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been installed.
Port: the port number of HTTP server.
Method: GET or POST.
Username: your username used to log into Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.
Password:your password used in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.
Sender: you can specify the sender phone number for messages to be sent
Recipient (initial): The initial recipient's phone number. This phone number will increment by 1 after every sent message. E.g.: If you type in +0000001, the first message is sent for this number, the second for +0000002, the third for +0000003 etc.
Messages: here you can define the number of messages to be sent.
Message: you can specify the message content in this field.
(Note that there is a an action option on the top, but you cannot change it since it is only for sending.)

bulk sms sender window
Figure 1 - Bulk SMS Sender window

After clicking ont he Send Button, a window appears that notifies you about the number of sent messages (Figure 2).

notification about message sent
Figure 2 - Notification about messages sent

In the user's sent box of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sent messages are listed (Figure 3).


sent box of ozeki ng sms gateway after sending bulk sms messages
Figure 3 - Sent box of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway after sending bulk SMS messages

For more information please contact us at info@ozekisms.com.

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