Distributed SMS Service

Multinational corporations often require a setup where a central SMS application communicates with users in different countries. It is a common requirement that the users communicate with a local phone number not an International one. In this example we give you a possible setup to create such a solution.

To create an SMS system that can serve users in various countries, we recommend you to setup an Ozeki NG SMS Gateway server in each country with a GSM modem attached to it (Figure 1). Each Ozeki NG installation can be configured to communicate with the same database server over the Internet. For this an SQL to SMS gateway configuration should be created and the communication with the database servers can be done through ODBC or OleDb links. Ozeki NG handles connection link failures properly. This means that no messages will be lost even if the database connection over the Internet is not reliable.

multinational sms solution
Figure 1 - Multinational SMS solution

If the SQL to SMS gateway configurations are setup, the central SMS application can communicate with the users by simply inserting and reading SQL records to and from the database.

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