Import addressbook into Ozeki SMS Client

The Ozeki SMS Client works like a simple e-mail client. The addressbook makes it possible to send and receive SMS messages to groups or more recipients. In this section we give you some useful example how you can edit addressbook.

send sms message imported from address book using ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - Sending SMS from address book through Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

The Ozeki NG SMS Client stores the addresses in two csv files.
C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki SMS Client\Addressbook.csv
C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki SMS Client\Addresspub.csv

If you wish to edit these files we recommend to use Microsoft Notepad or else simple text editor. We do not recommend to edit the csv files in MS Excel. When you open csv files in MS Excel you will loose the international format (eg.:+362024555589).

Editing in Notepad

Before you edit the addressbook you need to specify the groups. Click on the new group button and fill in the form.

In the first row of the text file you will find the stored names of the data. From the second row you can specifies your own contact details. You need to start the row with ";" sign. On the next place give you the name of the contact person. The end of the name of the person put a ";" sign to separate from the next data.

The second place need to specify the phone number in international format (eg.:+3620345877). Close this data with a ";" sign. After the phone number you can write a short "Note" about your contact person. If you don't want to give information you you don't need. In this case the next charachter will be a ";" sign. Eg. Monica Ham in the example.

Finally you can specify the name of the groups that contacts are belonging to these. If you want to give more groups you need to separate them with a "," sign.

;Customer support;+443204587;Service specialist;Friend
;George Marco;+3625449566;From USA;Friend
;Lisbeth Oliva;+362031053666;From Ozeki;Friend,Pub
;Monica Ham;+3670785339;Friend,Pub

Importing addresses

If you generate a list from your Addressbook software in the above mentioned formatted .txt you need it rename for Addressbook.csv or Addresspub.csv file name.

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