Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

MS Office Access 2007


To create an SQL SMS Gateway with Ozeki NG, you can use an Access database, which can be accessed using an ADO or ODBC driver. All you have to do is create two database tables (in the ozekisms database): ozekimessagein and ozekimessageout. (The tables can have additional columns.) Ozeki NG will insert the incoming messages in to the ozekimessagein table. T o send a message, you should insert a record into the ozekimessageout table. The SMS Server checks this table periodically for messages to send.

Creating the database and the tables

Start MS Access 2007. Click the round icon and then the New menu item. In the right of the window, enter ozekisms.accdb in the File name field. Using the folder icon next to it, you can select the folder where you would like to save it (the default directory is C:\). When you are finished, click the Create button.

new databese
Figure 1 - Create a new databese

Right-click Table1:Table, and left-click Design View.

design ozekimessagein
Figure 2 - Design view

In the Save As window, enter ozekimessagein.

Figure 3 - Save the table as ozekimessagein

Enter the field names and the data types in the respective columns. Make sure the data type of the msg field is Memo. This way, it can store a maximum of 65000 characters , while the Text type can store 255 characters.

filling up the ozekimessagein
Figure 4 - Enter the field names and the data types

Now, create the ozekimessageout table. Click the Create tab, and the Table icon. Then, right-click Table1:Table, and left-click Design View. In the Save As window, enter ozekimessageout. Enter the field names and data types in the respective columns. Make sure, again, that the type of msg is Memo.

create an other table
Figure 5 - Create an other table

design ozekimessageout
Figure 6 - Design view

save ozekimessageout
Figure 7 - Save the table as ozekimessageout

filling up the ozekimessageout
Figure 8 - Enter the field names and the data types

When you are finished, save it and exit from Access 2007.

save the filled table
Figure 9 - Save the filled table

In Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway, the connection string type will be "Odbc" and the connection string will be:
DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};Dbq=C:\ozekisms.accdb;Uid=;Pwd=;

connection string type
Figure 10 - Enter the connection string type and the connection string

IMPORTANT! In the configuration form of the Database user of Ozeki NG, you have to modify the SQL statements in the following way: replace '$id' with $id (without apostrophes).

configure the sql statements
Figure 11 - Modify the SQL statements

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