How to setup the SMPP sms gateway

This guide presents how to setup an SMPP sms gateway on Windows. It will start with defining what an SMPP sms gateway is and will move on to the setup procedure. We assume you will use these directions to create an SMPP service to serve customers and business users, so we take care to present instructions that will help you create a reliable solution. This page requires some basic knowledge of the SMPP protocol used in SMPP sms gateways and some networking know-how. You will be presented with a few important definitions, well structured step by step instructions and some information on operating the SMPP sms gateway in a virtual machine environment. We hope you will enjoy it.

What is an SMPP sms gateway

An SMPP sms gateway is an sms software communication platform, that is used to provide sms services. An SMPP sms gateway, such az Ozeki SMS Gateway makes it possible to create SMPP client connections and to offer SMPP server services.

How is an SMPP sms gateway used

The reason SMPP sms gateway technology is popular is due to the fact that it can be used to send large volume of SMS messages over the Internet. In other words it is an ideal choice to provide bulk sms service. It is also used by sms content providers to push SMS noticiations, reminders, location infromation or marketing messages to mobile users.

How to setup an SMPP sms gateway (quick instructions)

To setup an SMPP sms gateway start with the following sequence of tutorial steps:

  1. Install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, then launch your browser with the red Ozeki NG icon on your Windows desktop. This will open the Ozeki NG GUI in your webbrowser.
  2. In the Ozeki home page you will see 3 panels: the SMS service providers panel, the SMS routing panel, SMS users/application panel. Click "Add service provider" in the Service providers panel.
  3. Select the SMPP client connection from the list and click add.

How to setup an SMPP sms gateway (video)

The following video shows you how to create an SMPP client connection using Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. It assumes that Ozeki NG sms gateway is already installed, and it starts from the home screen. You will see in the video where do you have to enter the SMPP gateway IP address, port and SMPP system ID (username) and the SMPP password.

Hardware requirements of the Ozeki SMPP sms gateway solution

  • CPU: 4 cores
  • RAM: 4 GB (16 GB recommended)
  • Hard disk space: 4 GB (SSD recommended)
  • Ports: RS232 or USB (if you use a GSM modem)
  • Phone-to-PC data cable (USB or RS232) (only if you need use a modem)
  • Network: Internet connection (if you use IP SMS connection)

Software requirements of the Ozeki SMPP sms gateway system

  • Windows 10 or Windows server
  • Access to the Windows desktop (locally or remotely)
  • Administrative privileges on the system
  • Firewall access
  • .Net 4.5 or later (comes with Windows 10)

Install the SMPP sms gateway

To setup the SMPP sms gateway, first you need to download ozeki ng sms gateway installation package from, then you need to perform the standard SMS gateway installation steps (Figure 1), finally you need to open the management console to create the SMPP sms gateway configuration (Figure 2).

install smpp sms gateway
Figure 1 - Install SMPP SMS Gateway

Open the SMPP sms gateway home screen

To create an SMPP SMS gateway conifguration, first you should setup an SMPP client connection to an sms service provider. SMS messages will be sent and received through this connection to the mobile network. Note that you may also connecto to an SMPP user account offered by an SMPP server of another SMPP SMS Gateway installation.

open smpp sms gateway
Figure 2 - Open SMPP SMS Gateway

Click install next to the SMPP client connection

To create the SMPP client connection to the mobile network you need to click on the Install link next to SMPP connection entry in the Add service provider connection page (Figure 3).

configure smpp sms gateway
Figure 3 - Configure SMPP SMS Gateway

Next tasks

Once you have connected your SMPP SMS Gateway to the mobile network, you can create SMPP user accounts to provide SMS service to customers. You may setup credit limits and accounting for your SMPP user accounts. To control the routes your messages use, you can setup Inbound SMS routing rules and outbound SMS routing rules. Finally you will probably configure SQL reporting to get detailed information about the SMS messages sent and received by your SMPP users and SMPP links.

Operating the SMPP sms gateway on a virtual machine

Notwithstanding that the SMPP sms gateway performs better on a physical computer, there are quite a few incentives to using a virtualized environment. Many people take this option when they use an SMPP sms gateway. Maybe the biggest benefit to operating an SMPP sms gateway in a virtualized environment is that it can be hosted in a server hosting facility. Google Cloud, IBM cloud hosting and Kamatera are popular choices among the businesses we do business with. If the SMPP sms gateway is hosted at such a company, you don't have to take care of hardware issues.

If you operate your own virtualized environment, you will like the fact that system backup and system restore becomes very easy in such environments, because the whole virtual machine can be backed up as easily as copying a file. It is also great that it makes it easy to upgrade or replace the unerlying hardware. A handicap to using a virtual machine is that the virtual machine shares the resources of the host computer with other virtual machines. If other virtual meachines eat up the resources, the can slow down. If you run the SMPP sms gateway on a virtual environment make sure you assign sufficient virtual CPUs and virtual memory to the system. This is neccessary, because you want to make sure, that you don't miss out on performance. Also make sure that the virtual network for the SMPP sms gateway is set up properly.

VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation Player, Boot Camp, Citrix Hypervisor, Parallels Desktop, Windows Virtual PC, QEMU, Solarwinds Virtualization Manager can be used to operate the SMPP sms gateway. It is known to work in these environments.

Is it possible to use a custom Sender ID with an SMPP sms gateway?

Since an SMPP sms gateway connection is an IP sms connection, it sends application originated (AO) messages. AO messages can set a custom sender ID for each outgoing SMS. You can change the SMS sender ID to a custom phone number, to an alphanumeric sender ID, or to a short code sender ID.


To recap we can state, that to connect to sms services with the SMPP sms gateway is quite easy. By following the above directions you can create the solution quickly. If you have already completed the steps I am sure if you let your wife (or girlfriend) know, you will be rewarded. If you would like to receive more about the incentives of other smpp sms software products, please open

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