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Problem resolution

My messages are not received abroad. What can cause this problem?

Invalid number format or a restriction at your SMS service provider

You need to use the International number format, if you wish to make your messages reach international recipients or roaming recipients. It is also possible, that your SMS service provider does not allow your messages to go abroad. Please call them to find out. When you make the call be prepared to tell the name of the Country and the name of the mobile network, where your messages are not delivered. For more information on International number format please visit the FAQ topic about SMS number formats

There are errors with the error code 1365 in the log, and the messages cannot be sent. Why?

It refers to the improper formatting of the phone number of the recipient, or some other SMS sending related error.

Make sure you are using the proper phone number format: +123456789 (international format), 0623456789 (or local number format).

If you see the following lines in your log:

INFO 3344: GSM Network registration information is not available.
INFO 3350: GSM network information:

It means, that you cannot send messages, because your modem is not registered to the GSM network. This can happen if there is no GSM signal, or the antenna is not connected properly to your modem. It might also be possible that your SIM card is not working. Please try to put your SIM into a normal handset and try to send an SMS from it.

If you are sure your modem is registered to the GSM network, please try the following:
1.) In the "Message handling" tab of the "GSM Modem configuration form", please check the "Include Service Center (SCA) in PDU" checkbox.
2.) Please verify, that SMSC setting for your network. Call the provider and find out what is the correct messages center address. Make sure this is entered into the GSM modem configuration form.
3.) Please make sure no PIN code is set on the SIM card. Try to put the SIM into another handset to verify if it asks for a PIN

The following URL: https://ozekisms.com/p_2380-send-sms-with-gsm-modem-cms-error-codes.html lists other possible reasons that can cause this problem.

My configuration is lost after restarting the service. What can I do about this?

You should give write permission to the service, so it can save configuration information in the following directory: "C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway"

This problem occurs when the Ozeki NG service is not able to save the configuration file into the configuration directory. The configuration directory is: C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\config. Please enable write access to the service for this directory.

The Edit - Server Preferences, edit - Server restrictions and Driver - GSM modem 1 - Configuration winodws are all blank apart from the \'OK\' and \'Cancel\' buttons.

Javascripts need to be enabled in the webbrowser.

It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox and as the webbrowser. With the default Firefox installation Javascript support is enabled. If you have disabled, it please enable it. Javascript support is needed to work with the graphical user interface.

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