Commercial questions

How can I purchase the product?

You have to select which license you wish to buy, and you have to pay the license fee by wire transfer or you can place credit card order on our website.

To get the bank information for wire transfer, please send us an e-mail to: After your payment has arrived, we will send you a license code in e-mail. You can use this code to activate your installed product.

Moreinformation is available at: How to buy page

Are there any hidden costs?

No, there aren't any.

When you purchase the software product, you have to pay a single license fee up front. There are no other costs. (Please note that you will have to pay to your SMS service provider for sending messages, but this is an agreement between you and the SMS service provider. Ozeki is not involved in it.)

Can I get a proforma invoice prior to the order?

Yes, you can.

If you need a proforma invoice before you place an order, please let us know, we can send you one. You can request a proforma invoice by sending us your billing information and your mailing address. You will receive the final invoice after you have purchased the product.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, of course.

When you purchase the product please send us the billing information, and the mailing address in e-mail and we will send you the invoice by postal mail. If you have any special requirements, regarding what kind of extra information should be written on the invoice, please let us know.

What are the one time and monthly costs?

There is a one time cost when you purchase the software. The price depends on the license you pick. There is no monthly cost for using the software.

Do not forget that you need a SIM card with a GSM modem or an IP SMS connection from an SMS service provider to be able to send / receive SMS messages. The SIM card and the IP SMS account will probably have a monthly cost.

More information is available at: How to buy page

Can I install the application on two PC's?

A single license can be used for one production server only. If you want to operate the software on two computers at the same time, you need two licenses.

The only time you don't need a second license for the second PC, is if the second PC is used purely for backup purposes and is not in operation if the first PC is functional.

I have installed the software in a temporary machine for testing. When our final machine arrives, I want to transfer my license. Do I have to do a de-activate procedure on the temporary machine?

You may transfer your license from one computer to another. You don't have to do any de-activation. All you have to do is uninstall the software from the old machine.

Please note that there is a limitation for the license transfers. You can transfer your license maximum 3 times.

What is MPM?

Message per minute.

This is the capacity of the SMS gateway. For example if you purchase the following license: Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 10 MPM you will be able to send (or receive) 10 SMS messages per minute.

What is MPS?

MPS means Messages Per Second

Shows you how many messages can you send (or receive) with your license. For example if you purchase "Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 1 MPS", your SMS gateway will be able to send (or receive) 1 message per second.

If I have a 20 MPS license, how is this speed distributed between incoming and outgoing messages?

The capacity is used evenly.

If you have messages waiting to be sent in your outbox and you have messages waiting to come in from the SMSC, 10 MPS will be used for outgoing and 10 MPS will be used for incoming. If there are no incoming messages, all your capacity (20 MPS) will be used for sending. If there are no outgoing messages, all your capacity (20 MPS) will be used for receiving messages. To sum it up the capacity is adjusted to get the most out of the system.

Do delivery reports effect my message capacity?

No, delivery reports will not decrease the available capacity of your system.

If you have a 20MPS license, you can send 20 messages per second, regardless of incoming delivery reports.

How do multipart SMS messages count in the MPS limit?

A multipart message counts as one message regardless of the number of message segments it has.

If you have a 20MPS license, you can send 20 messages per minute even if all messages have multiple parts. This way it is possible to send e.g.: 60 SMS per second with a 20 MPS license if all messages have 3 message segments.

If I have a high capacity license, but a service provider limits the maximum number of messages per minute, what can I do?

You can limit the speed on a per connection basis.

You can specify a speed limit in the "General settings" tab of the IP SMS (e.g.: SMPP) service provider connection's configuration form. Check the "Limit speed to" checkbox and specify the maximum message per minute (MPM) rate.

What is a service provider connection?

A service provider connection is an IP SMS connection (SMPP,CIMD2,UCP,HTTP) or a GSM modem connection.

It makes it possible for you to deliver your SMS messages to the mobile network and to receive SMS messages from the mobile network.

With Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can set up more then one service provider connection. For example if your license allows you to use 2 service provider connections, it means that you can have two GSM modems attached to your computer, or you can have two IP SMS connections configured, or you can use 1 GSM modem and 1 IP SMS connection at the same time.

With multiple connections set up you can enjoy the following benefits:

- you can do least cost routing
- you can use a second connection as backup
- you can do load balancing to increase capacity

What is a user?

An office user or a client application that sends SMS messages. The user limit in your license specifies how many user accounts can be created.

Most often a user is a client application that connects to the SMS gateway to send and receive SMS messages. For example if you attach your Company Finance System to the SMS gateway through a database, and you attach your Company Marketing System to the SMS gateway through another database, it means you have two users.

A user (for example your Company Finance System) can communicate with a large number of mobile phones. There is no limitation for the number of mobile phones or phone numbers you can send messages to (or receive messages from).

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