Cost control and usage statistics

Can I create reports and statistics from the data of sent messages?

You can do this if you configure SQL logging.

With SQL logging you can save all messages in a database table and you can use SQL queries to create statistics and reports.

Can I maintain a log of all sent and received messages in an SQL Server?

Yes, you can.

The software can be configured to connect to any database server that has an OleDb or ODBC driver. For example, you can use MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Access, etc., to store information about sent and received messages.

If a message is received or sent by the SMS gateway, it will use an SQL Insert statement to insert a new record into the database. The SQL statement will contain the sender number, the recipient number, the message text and the timestamp. You can configure this SQL statement to include other fields, such as sending user, message type, etc.

The database that collects the traffic information can be used to make various reports using SQL queries. More information is available at: SQL logging page

Does the software provide a way that limits the maximum number of messages a user can send?

Yes, you can enable accounting and credit limits on the configuration form of each user/application.

If you enable accounting for a given user, you can define daily, weekly, monthly and yearly credit limits. If this option is enabled, the user cannot send more then the number of messages specified in the limit. The accounting feature will create a report at the end of each month that shows how many messages were sent in that month by the user.

Can I set credit limits for each client / each user?

The credit limit handling feature is included in Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway v2.1.0. (and newer versions). It is handled the following way: every user has a configuration form that allows accounting and credit limit settings. On the configuration form you select an accounting period (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or all time) and you can assign a credit limit for the given period. In addition to setting credit limits, you can define costs for each message route. (for example, messages sent through Vodafone can be configured to deduct 1.2 credits, and messages sent through T-Mobile can be configured to deduct 1 credit from the balance of the user.) On the user configuration form it is also possible to get usage summary and usage details reports that show the traffic history of the user. These reports can be used for invoicing.

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