HTTP to SMS gateway

If I uninstall a user named "AAA", then try to create a new user also named "AAA" the system tells me "AAA" already exists, even if it has been uninstalled. How do I delete these uninstalled users definitively?

When you delete a user, it is marked as deleted by the system. The reason it is not deleted permanently at run time is due to the internal architecture of the gateway.

You have to restart the service in Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services to have the user removed permanently.

Why are changes in the physical configuration files are not reflected in the web Admin interface?

Configuration files are read when the service is started.

For performance reasons, configuration information is stored in memory. You need to restart the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway service in Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services in order to have your configuration changes applied.

Why sometimes do I get a message from my HTTP client user that says that it could not resolve the name corresponding to the URL it is calling?

Your internet connection might be down, or your DNS server might not return a response to a DNS query.

In most cases, this problem happens if your DNS server is temporarily out of service. You can add your hostname to the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to work around this problem. This file is checked for the hostname entry before a DNS resolution happens. If the file contains the IP address for the searched hostname, the IP address in the file is used and no DNS lookup is performed.

I am using the HTTP Client user. Some SMS request messages are served by HTTP queries which are very slow. We see that if the reply from the website takes to long the reply is an empty messages. Is there a way of increasing the time for the http client user to wait longer for a reply from the website?

Yes. You can increase the HTTP submit response timeout.

This setting can be adjusted in the "HTTP Connection" tab of the "HTTP User" configuration form. The default HTTP timeout value is 30 seconds. This means that if an SMS comes in it is forwarded instantly to a webpage through HTTP. By default

When I am sending an SMS message through HTTP API, the "+" sign in the content of SMS and in the phone number are not forwarded to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. How can I solve this issue?

It happens, because you have forgotten to encode the phone number and SMS message. You need to send the HTTP Request in encoded format, and the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will decode it.

Can I send and receive SMS messages via HTTPS API

Yes, You can send SMS messages via HTTPS API.

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