Example applications of SMS messaging

What applications can SMS messaging be used for?

You can use SMS messaging for a lot of different purposes that include Person-to-Person Text Messaging, Information Provision, Downloading, Alerts/Notifications (E-mail, Fax and Voice Message Notifications, E-Commerce and Credit Card Transaction Alerts, Stock Market Alerts, Remote System Monitoring), Two-Way Interactive Text Messaging Applications, and SMS Marketing.

What is Person-to-Person Text Messaging?

This is the most commonly used application of SMS messaging, and the primary reason for being developed. With this, you can send short text messages from your mobile phone to another mobile phone.

There is also chat application which enables a group of people to exchange SMS messages in an interactive way.

What is Information Provision?

It is also a popular application of SMS messaging in which mobile users get information via SMS texts.

It can be used, for instance, to send news, weather report, etc. to mobile users. Several of these information services are paid services.

SMS messaging for Alerts and Notifications?

Yes, you can use it for these purposes.

Since most people always have their mobile phones at hand, it is a good way to send information of important events and alerts, if needed.

You can use, for instance, SMS notifications in case of incoming e-mails. Whenever a new e-mail comes into your e-mail inbox, you can get an SMS notification of this. You can use this also for Fax and Voice messages.

Similarly, SMS messaging can also be used in case of E-commerce or Credit Card transactions.

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