Ozeki NG SMS Gateway


1. SMS technology

1.1 SMS basics

1.2 Why is SMS so successful?

1.3 Example applications of SMS messaging

1.4 SMS number formats

1.5 Mobile message types

1.6 SMSC

1.7 SMS Gateway

1.8 Two way SMS systems

2. Installation and configuration

2.1 Prerequisites

2.2 Network requirements

2.3 General information

2.4 Message routing

2.5 Message types

2.6 Delivery reports

3. SMS service provider (SMSC) connectivity

3.1 GSM Modem

3.2 SMPP

3.3 IP SMS protocols

4. SMS Application connectivity (APIs)

4.1 API

4.2 SQL to SMS

4.3 HTTP to SMS

4.4 E-mail to SMS

5. Maintenance and management

5.1 Performance

5.2 Logging

5.3 Errors

5.4 Reporting

6. Commercial questions

6.1 Trial version

6.2 Licensing

More information

Most popular

If you are insterested in how to setup automated SMS notifications, you should apply one of the following configurations:

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SMS using txt files

If you are a software developer you can proceed to adding SMS functionality to your source code by clicking on one of the following links:

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C# SMS example
ASP SMS example
SQL SMS example
Delphi SMS example

If you would like to send and receive SMS messages from MS Office applications, please check out the following links:

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