Network requirements

Do I need Internet connection to operate Ozeki NG SMS Gateway?

No, if you connect to the mobile network through GSM/GPRS modem(s).

Yes, if you connect to the mobile network through IP SMS connections.

Do I need a public IP address?

No, you do not.

Ozeki NG can be operated in your LAN. It does not require any public IP address. The only case you need a public IP address if you will use IP SMS connection (SMPP, CIMD2, UCP, HTTP, etc.) to connect to your SMS service provider over the Internet. For IP SMS connections, in most cases, a dynamic public IP address will work. In some cases your IP SMS service provider will require you to use a fix public IP address.

You will also need a public IP address if you want to provide SMS service to your customers.

Do I need a fix IP address for the SMS Gateway?

It depends on how do you want to use the software.

If you wish to use the software in your office, or in your organization over the LAN, you don't need a fix IP address for the SMS Gateway. In this case a dynamic IP address assigned to your system through DHCP can be used. In case you wish to provide an SMS service over the Internet, you will need one.

Can I use a leased line connect to my mobile operator, instead of an Internet connection?

Yes. A dedicated leased line is better, because it is more secure then an Internet connection.

If your mobile network operator or SMS service provider gives you the option to connect to the SMSC through a leased line, take this option. It is often a more reliable and a more secure connection method, then an IP SMS connection operated over the Internet.

How much bandwidth do I need on my Internet connection?

For an IP SMS connection minimum 64kbps is needed. Concerning connection methods, all internet connection methods, such as ADSL, CableTV, ISDN, T1, E1 etc. can be used.

Bandwidth represents the capacity of the connection. The greater the capacity, the more likely that greater performance will follow, though overall performance also depends on other factors, such as latency. In terms of mobile messaging, the network bandwidth determines the speed you can use to send and receive SMS messages over IP SMS connections. An average SMS message takes about 1 kilobyte. To calculate the network bandwidth you need, you must estimate the average SMS traffic and you must multiply it by 1 Kbyte. This way you can calculate the estimated bandwidth requirement.

Can I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection?

Yes. A VPN connection is great, because it is more secure then an Internet connection.

If you connect your SMS Gateway to a mobile network operator or to an SMS service provider over the Internet, it is recommended to use a virtual private network (VPN) connection. A VPN connection gives you encryption, which means more security. To setup a VPN connection, VPN routers or software VPN implementations can be used. You can use PPTP or L2TP to setup the VPN channel.

My Internet connection is not reliable. Will this be a problem?

No, it will only cause temporary outages.

You need internet connection only if you want to send SMS messages over an IP SMS connection. If the Internet connection brakes it should not be a problem, because the software will store the messages and try to send them when the connection comes back up.

If you send your SMS messages over a GSM modem, you don't even need any Internet connectivity.

To improve reliability, you can add a GSM modem for backup purposes, and in case the Internet connection brakes, it can take over. To achieve this you need to configure backup SMS routing in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

What kind of communication ports and protocols are used? Should I open any ports on my firewall?

The software listens on TCP Ports 9500-9503. All ports can be blocked on your firewall.

  • TCP Port 9500 (protocol SMPP), provides SMPP client connectivity
  • TCP Port 9501 (protocol HTTP), is used for Administration (HTTP interface for webbrowsers)
  • TCP Port 9502 (protocol TCP/HTTP), is used by .NET Remoting client connectivity
  • TCP Port 9503 (protocol HTTP), is used by ParlayX webservice client connectivity

I am interested in installing your SMS Gateway and integrating it with a web site. I am going to host the website in the US however the gateway has to be locally in Ireland. Does the g/way require a fixed IP address or is there any way dynamic address can be used and how?

Whether you need a fix IP address depends on the method you will use to integrate the gateway with the website.

There are three popular ways to integrate SMS functionality into a website.

The most popular option is to setup an SQL to SMS gateway configuration. This configuration is a good choice if your website has a database, because you can setup the Ozeki software to connect to this database to provide sms sending and/or sms receiving functionality. If you use an SQL to SMS gateway configuration you don't need a fix IP address for the SMS Gateway in Ireland.

The second option is to use the built in HTTPClient user of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. In this case if an SMS arrives to the system from a cellphone, the Ozeki software will call a predefined URL to pass the incoming message to the website. For outgoing messages the Ozeki software can periodically download a webpage to look for SMS messages that need to be sent. For this (HTTP Client) option you don't need a fix IP address for the SMS Gateway in Ireland.

The third option is based on the built in HTTP Server of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. If you want to send an SMS from your website, and you want to pass this SMS using an HTTP request to Ozeki NG, you can use the HTTP SMS API provided by the software. If you use the HTTP SMS API over the Internet you will need a fix IP address.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway uses the address. Can I change this to my IP address, so I can access it on my LAN or over the Internet?

Yes, you can change the to point to your LAN or public IP address

The IP address is not ours. This IP address allways points to the local computer you are working on. Every computer has two IP addresses the local and a public IP address. The Ozeki software installed on your computer can be accessed on both IP addresses.

For example if the public IP address of your computer is, you can access your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway service at and

To sum it up you can change the ip address to your computers IP address.

Is it possible to reach Ozeki NG SMS Gateway from the Internet?

Yes, it is. You can reach Ozeki NG SMS Gateway in a private network from an external computer if you forward port number 9501 via the router to the PC of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This is called port forwarding.

Can I configure Ozeki NG SMS gateway Without Internet? How is it working?

You can reach Ozeki NG SMS Gateway from every pc-s on your local computer network. You need to open a web browser and type the ip address of Ozeki NG SMS gateway with the port number 9501, ip address:9501. After the installation, you can easily add and remove users and service provider connections.

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