How to test your oracle connection

After you have successfully configured your Oracle database link, you might want to send several test SMS messages to test the functionality and the performance of Ozeki SMS Gateway. To do this you may use the following SQL query in Oracle.

How to send text messages from Oracle in a loop

In order to send several SMS messagse for testing, the best option is to write a loop in Oracle that will insert multiple records into the outgoing SMS table. To write a loop, you need to use the BEGIN and END commands and use teh FOR IN LOOP statements. Take a look at the following example:

    FOR v_LoopCounter IN 1..1000 LOOP
	  INSERT INTO ozekimessageout (receiver, msg, status) 
	  VALUES ('+36209355418', concat('test',TO_CHAR(v_LoopCounter)), 'send');

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