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T-mobile UCP, Hungary

T-Mobile uses UCP to provide IP SMS service in Hungary. Their service is very reliable and provides excellent throughput. The following webpage gives you the setup instructions to configure this connection. Please note, that after the connection setup you will have to send them low level UCP communication logs. Make sure that you configure your connection according to the following guidelines, to avoid delays in the setup process.

Signing up for T-mobile SMS service

When you subscribe for the IP SMS service of T-Mobile Hungary, you receive a technical data sheet containing the connection details (Figure 1). These details should be configured in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

ucp connection parameters for t-mobile hungary
Figure 1 - UCP connection parameters for T-Mobile Hungary

Note, that the value of these parameters will be different in your data sheet! When you configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, please use the values you have received.

Setting up Ozeki NG SMS Gateway for T-mobile SMS service

To setup the UCP connection, you need to download and install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. After installation, open the Ozeki NG SMS gateway user interface and click on the Add service provider link in the Management form (Figure 2).

add a new service provider connection
Figure 2 - Add a new service provider connection

On the Add service provider connection form, select the UCP connection and click on Install (Figure 3).

install the ucp connection
Figure 3 - Install the UCP connection

This will bring up the UCP configuration form. In the UCP Settings tab of this form, please enter the parameters you have received from T-Mobile. Please fill in the host, the port, the OAdC and the password values into the respected fields (Figure 4).

The range parameter is your telephone number, please replace the double zero prefix of this phone number to a plus sign and enter it into the Telephone number field.

Copy the value of the Cons Field into the Service provider name text box.

ucp connection settings
Figure 4 - UCP connection settings

The next thing to do is to open the General settings tab (Figure 5). On this tab make sure the Request delivery report option is checked and change the value of the keepalive parameter to 30 sec. We can recommend you to increase the value of the keepalive requests because T-Mobile offers a reliable connection and it is not necessary to test it every 30 seconds.

enable delivery report request and increase the keepalive interval
Figure 5 - Enable delivery report request and increase the keepalive interval

Next, open the Logging tab (Figure 6). On this tab check the Log low level communication checkbox. This will make sure, that you can produce the logs necessary for T-Mobile Hungary to enable your service.

enable ucp sommunication logging
Figure 6 - Enable UCP communication logging

After logging has been setup you need to open the Advanced tab (Figure 7).

NOTE: On this tab you must select the Use LA_id in responses radio button and you must enter the range parameter that is your telephone number.

setup delivery reports
Figure 7 - Setup delivery reports

Finally you may check the Charsets tab (Figure 8) to verify if character encoding will work according to your requirements.

character encoding
Figure 8 - Character encoding

Sending the logs to T-mobile

To finalize the setup process, you need to click on connect. After the connection has been established, please send an SMS message from Ozeki NG to your mobile phone. You can do this by clicking on the compose link (Figure 9).

compose a message
Figure 9 - Compose a message

After you have received the message, please also send a response SMS to verify incoming SMS messaging. The incoming message should be visible in your inbox folder. After this is done, please click on Events menu to find the log files (Figure 10).

logs are in the events menu
Figure 10 - Logs are in Events menu

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