Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

CMS Error 500

In some cases you may receive a CMS Error 500 error message from your modem. This error message indicates, that for some reason the modem was not able to deliver the message. This error can happen if:

  • The phone number you try to send your message to is invalid
  • There is no network coverage
  • You don't have enough money on a prepaid subscription
  • The short message service center of the GSM network operator is temporarily out of service
  • The GSM cell is overloaded

If none of these issues have caused this problem, there is not much you can do to work around this. The following things might help:

  1. Please make sure you use the latest version of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The latest version can be downloaded from the following website: http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=112&viewunofficial=on
  2. Enable "slow modem communication" on the "port settings" tab of the "GSM modem configuration" form.
  3. Change the "HW flow" and "SW flow" settings to "None" on the "port settings" tab of the "GSM modem configuration" form.

If the problem happens occasionally, you can configure multiple retries for message delivery on the "Advanced" tab of the "Edit/server preferences" form by setting the value of the "Max number of tries" field to 6.

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